28 Apr
A Map of Civil Society

A map commissioned by Rethinking Civil Society, an academic project based at the University of York in collaboration with the Leverhulme Trust and the University of Gottingen. The project examines what makes a society ‘civilised’ and what stand to support or threaten it by asking those prominent in their fields to give their thoughts. My

28 Apr
A Map of Bolton Fell Moss

A nine month project in collaboration with the University of Cumbria as an Honorary Research Fellow, National England and the PLACE collective. The map shows an area of lowland peat bog in Cumbria, formerly used for agricultural peat extraction but currently in restoration by National England. I approached the piece by mapping the land’s stories

05 Jan
The Apple World

A painting showing a map of the history and culture of the apple throughout the world. Commissioned by the National Trust and the Cider Museum in Herefordshire, UK to be exhibited there during 2021. Watercolour, acrylic and ink on paper 60 x 42 cms

02 May
A Map of Hope Rock

I was commissioned to create this imagined island for Thames and Hudson’s ‘Archipelago; An Atlas of Imagined Islands’, edited by Dr Huw Lewis-Jones. The atlas was inspired by the 300th anniversary of the publication of Daniel Defoe’s ‘Robinson Crusoe’ and I wanted the map to reflect the theme of survival with local foraging and survival

18 Dec
A Map of Eastbourne

A map of Eastbourne was commissioned and bought by Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne. Towner is an Arts Council National Collection Partner and shows work of national and international importance. The piece was specially designed to consolidate data research undertaken by Towner as part of the project ‘I Love Eastbourne’ encouraging the local community to