My Work Features on the Onca Blog

I am closely connected with Onca Gallery in Brighton and I often mention the organisation in my blog posts.
Onca is an unusual contemporary art space supported by the Arts Council focussing on conservation and the environment.

ONCA says the following about themselves:
‘Our mission is to cultivate environmental and human health through the arts. We aim in all our activity to inspire creativity and positive action in the face of environmental change, and to help galvanise the creation of a critical mass of work that responds to and explores these changes. In the ONCA Gallery we curate and host exhibitions, performances, outreach and events that ask questions, tell stories and initiate conversations about environmental and social change.’

I love the space and the sense of community there. There’s a communal eating space and a small sunny garden run by volunteers where vegetables are grown. Creative business take desk space in the rooms above and the atmosphere is warm and interesting. Exhibitions feature high end contemporary art; installations, sound, video and performance art alongside contemporary 2d and 3d art and sometimes community art exploring future policies and conservation issues.

All images here come from the Onca website with thanks:

onca greenhouse

Installation for the exhibition ‘Inorganic: Full Circle’.



Sign for the exhibition, ‘Bring the Happy’.


onca ghosts of gone birds

Window display for the exhibition, ‘Ghosts of Gone Birds’.

Recently my work featured on their own blog in an article written by Cécile Vignial which I am very happy to provide a link to here.

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