Pangolin Street Art Trail

I’ve just pasted up the piece commissioned by ONCA gallery as part of a street art project in Brighton. Despite having to go back a few times and repaste, all seems pretty stuck down now which is great as it should last a couple of months with luck.

The image is of a pangolin, a very rare and endangered mammal from Africa and Asia, often killed and used for Chinese medicine or as a culinary delicacy. The project brought together the coordinator of Pangolin Research Mundulea in Namibia and Brighton street artists, illustrators and crafts people with the aim of creating a trail of pangolins and their world that people could track around the city. Each image had it’s own QR code allowing passers-by to find out more information about pangolins, their lives or their predators. Further information about the project can be found here.

Work includes spray paint, paste-ups and yarn-bombing so far and it’s an on-going project with new pieces added regularly.

Pangolin close upscopsowlPangolin scales with price tag

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