Mural: A Map of the Midsummer Stars above Brighton

I was commissioned to adapt my original ‘Map of the Winter Stars from the Northern Hemisphere’ into a mural by MMoser Associates. The project was a new premises design and build for their client Unity Technology in Brighton. As reference I researched which constellations could be seen above Brighton at the Summer Equinox (surprisingly some of the constellations visible at Winter are visible in the Summer too) and the design was created to echo the arches of the doorways either side of the mural.

The entire piece took me 9 days to complete and it was so lovely to work on such a large scale.  Often I use a magnifying glass when I work but definitely no need here…

Dimensions: approx. 5×3 metres.
Materials used: Emulsion, Acrylic paint and Posca pen.

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