More contemporary biro sketching of British pub life at The Victory Inn, Brighton.

I’ve been drawing various views of UK pub life again in Brighton. The Victory, named after Nelson’s ship at the Battle of Trafalgar,  is a beautiful old pub close to Brighton’s North Laine with lots of old posters and ship paraphanalia for me to get my drawing teeth into – there’s even a cat’o’ninetails on the wall.  The punters provide interesting entertainment too…  It’s hard to draw in pubs because people are always moving around and become self conscious when they know they are being drawn.  The touching of the face and sudden hand to the back of the neck is always a giveaway…  I’m learning to be less self conscious about it now though and it’s OK to leave mistakes or half finished drawing on the page.

For more information about drawing in pubs in Brighton, visit here

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