Brighton sketchings at the Evening Star, the Druids and the Albert

I’m still continuing to draw regularly in pubs around Brighton. These images are either in biro or soft pencils – I try not to rub out too much, leaving the original line intact. It differentiates from digital illustration that is so much about perfection – the perfect line, the perfect white – which somehow loses the soul of something hand drawn and real.

All the people I draw in the pubs are real and are either there to draw or to drink, or both! And they’ll sit for me for free…

A couple at the Evening Star. She was Israeli and he was from Italy:

Couple at the Evening Star72

Steve and a hipster in a cool hat at the Druids:

Steve at the Druids

Tension as Man U plays Man City at the Albert:

Man U v Man City at the Albert72


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