Art in The Dog House – group show in Brighton

I’ve got the great fortune of showing work at The Dog House, Brighton during May with 20 other innovative and inspiring artists. Amongst others, the following stand out for me. Rhoda Baker’s giant geometric paper sculpted snowballs gently sway as they hang from the ceiling. Will Jay, with a background in theatre design, recycles old furniture to make ‘lyrical’ pieces – all seem to have their own secret histories and play with perception. I love his outsized clothes peg and beautifully curved leaning bookshelves. Melissa Simpson’s leatherwork is elegant and cool – Understated in black or brown, they have a hint of wildness and noncomformity in their neon accent colours. As I heard someone (an older guy!) say – ‘the smell of leather is so much better than that of pvc…’ And Katrina Beattie’s unusual contemporary glass mirrors remind me of patterns of water and tiles found in swimming pools somehow.

For more info on location, opening times and the other artists, visit here.

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