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19 Jul

This is one of my paintings from the Brighton Life Drawing Sessions.  I’m still finishing it and haven’t quite decided what to put in the bottom right corner.  I’d like to put some lettering in it somewhere too…I’ll probably end up sending another post sometime.  I’m currently involved in project managing the Brighton Life Drawing

20 Apr

I’ve done some more pictures using grafitti lettering based on old stories connected with forests.  This is Herne the Hunter.  Has meant that I’ve now read a lot of books on grafitti styles – not sure if this makes me a fraud…I’ve never done any grafitti and I’m not really part of that culture –

21 Jan
Red Hood

I’m thinking of doing a series of paintings based on traditional fairy tales.  Graffiti still continues my obsession of lettering and communication, verbal and non-verbal.  I love the South American style black and white graffiti.