Archives: 2010

19 Jul

This is one of my paintings from the Brighton Life Drawing Sessions.  I’m still finishing it and haven’t quite decided what to put in the bottom right corner.  I’d like to put some lettering in it somewhere too…I’ll probably end up sending another post sometime.  I’m currently involved in project managing the Brighton Life Drawing

19 Jul

I’ve been working on finishing some more images connected to music.  I went to a folk night the other week and think it would be a great place to sketch.  This image is from life and I think I might do more leaving the drawing visible against the card…

20 Apr
Green Man

Another pic for the Bungeroosh Gallery (see last two previous posts) based around the old fertility figure of the Green Man – usually shown with leaves coming out of his mouth – you often find them in old churches.  I got my studio mate, Clive, to pose – kind of looks like him. This one’s also

20 Apr

This is another grafitti pic.  They’re going to be exhibited in an exhibition with a Midsummer Night’s Dream theme so this is Titania  – you can see her old name – Mab in the lettering.  The show takes place during May at the Bungeroosh Gallery, 25 Marine Square, Brighton.

20 Apr

I’ve done some more pictures using grafitti lettering based on old stories connected with forests.  This is Herne the Hunter.  Has meant that I’ve now read a lot of books on grafitti styles – not sure if this makes me a fraud…I’ve never done any grafitti and I’m not really part of that culture –

23 Jan
Tokyo girl

I went to Japan early last year and am constantly inspired by Japanese art – the combination of flat colour played against flat decorative areas and the disregard of  Western notions of difference between “illustration” and “art”.

22 Jan
Fan – Meet me

 This is another fan from the Brighton Bar Life series.  I’m interested in communication; how words effect people, how the look of words in an image effects your understanding of an image and how people communicate without words.

22 Jan
Fan – I love you

 I was interested in fans as a means of non-verbal communication.  Each fan movement has a set meaning, for eg: I love you, we are watched, meet me etc.  I wanted to do some more contemporary images and this project gave me the excuse to sit in pubs and do some sketching.